Why the Bozone Orgs email list is Great

Submitted by jimurl on Mon, 02/22/2021 - 22:16

The Bozone orgs list group has some real quality strengths, like depth of thought, environmental consciousness, caring for others, and respect and consideration for our community. Respect The Inbox.

As a result of such success, the volume of emails has grown over the months and years. In many ways, this has made the 'list community ' stronger. 

The Bozone Orgs is an email version of a traditional town square:

Imagine a town square in a village a few miles from the escarpment of the Pyrenees. Every morning, a few folks come out to sit on the park benches and speak a few old-folks wisdoms to each other.

Later, the shop-keepers arrive, and open their doors and metal window shop coverings.

A few newcomers to town, sleeping in bags in the park, are awoken and asked 'where have you come from ,where are you going to?'- but before the question comes from our mouth, the newcomer fills our air  with their dreams and visions.  (OK, maybe that's Lander)

Around the square, hawkers and salespeople are assembling, with fresh fruits and vegetables; cheap CDs of 1980's classics; homewoven fabrics of exquisite colors and textures, and varieties of cheap stuff some guy brought from Madrid on the bus last night. An old guy shows up, selling his watch or furniture.

At the end of the village square,  the priest comes out of the town church, and proclaims: "Repent!, Repent! For Climate Change is Nigh!" - and she has a point.

At the other end of the village square,  the mayors re-election campaign vehicle ( 1995 Toyota Pickup, speakers in the bed) circles three times, reminding folks to mask up, maintain physical distancing, and stay home if sick- And she has a point too. Then the truck heads down the dirt road 8 KM to the next village.

Bozone Orgs is a public space where lots of thoughts are aired, along with gasoline saved, stuff reused, acquaintances encountered, etc.