How to subscribe and send emails to Bozone-Orgs Channels

Submitted by jimurl on Sun, 02/21/2021 - 16:35

Bozone Orgs uses different email addresses for different Channels. You can sign up for each or any channel separately, by Editing Your Preferences , or you can use email address commands. But first, you'll need to set up an account one of three ways:

  • Send an email to and tell how you heard of bozone orgs.
  • Have a friend who is already a subscriber log in, and make a referral.
  • Register on this website, and set your preferences: channels subscriptions, digest mode, unsubscribe from all, etc.

Even if you are not subscribed to a channel, you can still login to this website and view all posts from all channels.


If you are signed up on a list, sending to the email addresses below will send to the entire group.

Single, simple, unified list address - For now, on our new Bozone Orgs system ( ~ May 2021 ) this email address can be used to send to everyone. If you are confused by the whole new system and don't know where to send and email, send it here.

Core Enviro - This is category for notices about public policy meetings, public comment opportunities, pretty much any conservation issues, including the philosophy of conservation. Everybody is automatically signed up for the Core Enviro list.

Community - This includes " I lost my dog!" Mask Discussions, safety and health updates, and thoughts/considerations, trail crowds, Bozeman Growth. Introduce yourself if you are new to town, or will be coming here; and maybe you need one of the next channels. Community events, screenings, talks, etc. can all go here.

Housing - Bozeman has a housing problem, a healthy market needs transparency; anything we can do to help each other out in this regard is vital. Please remember a guideline: no rental application fees, please.

Commerce - This includes most job postings, and also 'these are my offerings' posts if you're looking for work. Small businesses and proprietorships can market here, but please remember: Bozone Orgs is not a Marketing Channel. It's your friends and neighbors and community. Another guideline for job postings: please include a pay range, either in the original posting, or the 'job details' on your website.

Stuff - We love to give stuff away, it is environmentally conscious and responsible, and makes us feel good. Also items for sale or trade. This is a good way for those of us who love a good deal or some free stuff (God knows I am one) to scratch our itch. Keep in mind how far you will have to drive to pickup the item, driving a long ways can really cut into the environmental benefits of re-use.

Rides - Rides for stuff or people or pets. From near Bozeman to anywhere people, or stuff, or pets would be going. This is a great way to cut CO2 emissions.

Email Commands

Once you are all set up and confirmed with an account, you can subscribe and unsubscribe from any channel using a simple email to a certain pre-coded address.

For example, sending an email to:  will add that as one of your channels, so you will receive 'Housing' type emails.
Likewise: will remove that channel, so you will no longer get 'Housing' emails.

You can replace 'housing' above with any of the other channels: , , etc. ( no channel name ) will suspend all emails, although you will still be able to login to this website and view the posts.

Additional Email Commands - sends an email with basically everything above. It will also tell you which channels you are subscribed to.,, - will reach the list administrator(s)